Ingrid Michaelson (Do It Now)

DSC5503 7 FLT warmer RGB web 2dpi Ingrid Michaelson (Do It Now)Ingrid Michaelson has earned enviable name-recognition thanks to her knack for crafting beautiful, idiosyncratic songs, many of which have wafted out of your television in handfuls of Grey’s Anatomy episodes (not to mention countless other series since such as American Idol, Parenthood, and So You Think You Can Dance), in an affecting Google Chrome ad, and on VH1 as an artist You Outta Know. She has sold over 800,000 albums and 3 million singles. Her new album, “Human Again,” produced by David Kahne (Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney) and released on Cabin 24 Records/Mom+Pop Music, was her highest-selling debut yet, reaching #1 on iTunes and Top 5 on the Billboard sales chart in its first week.

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