Josh Ritter (Joy to You Baby)

 Josh Ritter (Joy to You Baby)“…he sets out to carry a world of ideas on a few basic chords….there is no limit to the depth and ambition of his songs.” – The New York Times

“How refreshing and inspiring it is to encounter a young artist whose achievements match his ambitions.”

Washington Post

Born in  Moscow, Idaho,  Josh Ritter is the son of two neuro-scientists. He was on his way to follow his parents footsteps when he discovered Johnny Cash and Bob Dylans Girl from the North Country in high school.  He has since released seven studio albums and has been recently named one of the 100 greatest living songwriters by Paste Magazine, alongside Dylan, Springsteen, and Neil Young.  Joan Baez has covered one of his songs; Stephen King named one of Ritters albums the best of recent years and David Letterman has requested him twice, so far.  His debut novel, Bright’s Passage, was a national bestseller.  His most recent album is called The Beast in Its Tracks.





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