Josie Dunne (Ain’t No Sunshine)

Josie Dunne 21 Josie Dunne (Ain’t No Sunshine)Josie is the ‘it’ girl taking the Midwest by storm – and she just turned 16.  You’ll wonder how this soulfulness and maturity could possibly be coming from a sophomore in high school.

Josie Dunne is exponentially amassing an extraordinary fan base – and winning kudos from a who’s-who of the music industry – lauding her as the ‘next Norah Jones.’

Josie Dunne came out of the womb playing ukulele, and is equally gifted on piano and guitar.   While her 16 year-old peers are listening to Justin Bieber and “One Direction,” Josie has Sarah Vaughn, Sam Cook, Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder in her iPhone.

Josie is one of four kids in La Grange, Illinois – and is Midwestern, down to earth and organically real as you get.

Wanting to soak in her high school days, shes turning down offers that are literally knocking on her suburban door.    She’s got a rifle for an arm as the catcher on her Blazer’s all-girl softball league team, she’s getting straight A’s in school, and she’s the President of her class of 1,250 students in a gargantuan suburban high school.

She’s performing all over the Midwest, and just stunned 25,000 at a concert in California.  She’s in the studio in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Nashville writing and recording with top songwriters and producers.  There’s a film crew following her around shooting a documentary of her journey – while she’s juggling real life.

And on her new release, she’s donating monies from every sale to empower women through Whole Planet Foundation.

16?  Really?

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