Phox (Evil)

Phox WIFF Connie Ward 72dpi 300x200 Phox (Evil)

Who is this Phox band? A common question from Madison music affectionados over the last few weeks. Anchored by the the stunning vocals of Monica Martin, the six-piece collective expresses a dynamic spontaneity that is both original and captivating. The type of sound that raises eyebrows, with unbridled excitement, from musicians near and far.

Phox quietly released an impressive five song EP Unblushing, in early June and the organic buzz began immediately. The maturity of the arrangements, coupled with high caliber songwriting, warrants repeated listening. Our favorite songs are Shrinking Violets along with Clubs & Spades, but the entire EP is brilliant. Just listen! Who is this PHOX band? Theyre one of the best new bands to emerge from the burgeoning Madison music scene.

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