Tim Hanauer (Hooray for Love)

Tim Hanauer PROMO PHOTO Tim Hanauer (Hooray for Love)Colorado singer-songwriter Tim Hanauer has earned notoriety through an impressive number of songs in television shows and commercials.  With eight songs on 90210 and nearly a dozen other spots last season alone, Hanauer’s recent resume reads like a page from the TV Guide.  Chances are you’ve heard him, even if you didn’t know it.

After the 2009 release of the film “I Hate Valentine’s Day,” in which Hanauer’s song, “Dream a better way” is featured in the final scene, his television and Internet presence skyrocketed.  The song has since found its way into ads for GMC, Adrianna Papell clothing, Piedmont Health Care, and a slew of television shows.

Lyrically, he’s an idealist and a romantic. His lines are imbued with the idea that things are always going to get better.  He records with vintage instruments and makes handcrafted records.  His newest record, Shape Shifter (released in December), is an amalgam of indie folk, rock, and alt-country.  There’s even a little Cuban Songo.  Tie it all together with his soulful, soft and powerful voice and you have Shape Shifter.

As a critic for Etched in Stone magazine wrote, “Hanauer not only released a new album for many people to enjoy, he released new life lessons and a new way to think about music. These songs aren’t just titles displayed on an iPod touch, they are passionate and beautiful encounters with life.”

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